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6P is a collaboration between two entities that will create a vibrant community, focused on encouraging healthy lifestyles and enriching Dubai’s already vibrant fitness scene. We are located on Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road, just next to Dubai Garden Centre & Kia Motors (click here for a location map). Having witnessed and helped to build successful ventures on behalf of clients, friends and corporate entities, we have set out to create a space that enables and empowers every stakeholder, using our expertise to benefit our partners and members, who along with our staff, make up one TEAM. At 6P, you can train with our elite personal trainers, or join our group exercise classes with no commitment.

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Digital Marketing Agency

10 Forward is a digital marketing agency that is based on creativity, transparency and analytics. With a robust in-house content production capability, 10 Forward has helped and continues to help dozens of companies that range from start-ups, SMEs and multinational holding companies in a diverse range of industries to leverage digital opportunities and maximize their returns.

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Dubai’s #1 Fitness Community

FitnessInDXB is all about community, the aim of the group is to bring together fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life and differing sports. Founded by Jonny Young and Rob Donker, FitnessinDXB has grown to become the go-to platform for anything fitness related! This expertise in community-building springs from a duo who are highly experienced and well respected fitness trainers and athletes in their own right.


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Jonny Young

Managing Partner

Jonny graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Sciences from St Mary’s University in the UK, before moving to the UAE in 2014, his focus was and continues to be on sport and fitness. Considered by some to be a social media influencer, he has developed several Instagram platforms with combined followers exceeding 100,000, and this has led him to develop a keen interest and understanding of the dynamics of the platform and channels available in the digital realm. These interests are well complemented by his impressive network of contacts across Media, PR, Fitness and Lifestyle, including his own Brand Ambassadorships for several high-profile brands.

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Rob Donker

Managing Partner

The good looking one in the bunch, health and wellness are a central interest to Rob. A highly successful motivational speaker he has helped corporations successfully develop and implement corporate wellness programs and he continues to passionately pursue opportunities to leverage his knowledge and experience to tangibly improve the quality of life of those around him. A firm believer in doing things the right way, Rob always seeks ways to add value to projects he is involved with, FitnessinDXB is one prime example, where many activities are organized and delivered to the community for free or at highly reduced cost.

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Omar Al Jaddou

Marketing Director

A seasoned veteran of the hinterland where creativity meets perception. Omar harbors significant technical expertise, analytical ability, foresight, discretion and experience. Hailing from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, academic achievements include undergraduate degrees in History and Business, an MA in International Business & Management from London and professional accreditations that include Prince2 Project Management. A published author (Business Journals), and skilled photographer & videographer whose work has been published in Vice Magazine, Omar’s intuitive grasp of consumer trends is informed by a deep understanding and interest in social anthropology and history.