Cardio VS Weights: Why Lifting is GREAT for Women?

Elite Personal Trainer Domia Economides on the benefits of lifting weights..

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Still aren’t sure of which form of exercise is best to burn fat and tone up?

When we think of fat loss, we tend to think about Treadmills and Cardio, but is it really the best way to burn FAT? In Dubai many of us lead a more sedentary lifestyle which precludes physical activity, so most of us think that once we hit the gym we have to get on the treadmill. What does SCIENCE say about this?

Weightlifting is BETTER than Cardio for Fat Loss


    During and after weight training your body will continue to BURN calories, as your body’s muscles recover you expend calories, meaning that you continue to burn calories for many hours after! The difference between this and regular cardio exercise is that when you stop regular cardio you stop burning calories.


    Increased lean muscle mass inevitably leads to a higher resting metabolic rate. Your resting metabolic rate is basically the amount of calories your body uses to stay alive, with more muscles your body needs to use more calories to maintain itself, increasing your resting metabolic and increasing your metabolism will assist you in losing weight.


    Weight Training has been proven to help you sleep better and improve your overall energy levels, your body reacts well to being challenged and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone with some weight training is the perfect way to do this!

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