Front Squat vs Back Squat?

Strength & Conditioning Specialist Personal Trainer JP shares his thoughts on Back Squat vs Front Squat…

Everyone knows that Squatting is important, it is a great exercise to help improve your strength, agility, and explosive power. It also burns FAT incredibly well and works multiple muscles in the posterior chain.

There has been a lot of debate on whether people should use the Front squat or the Back Squat, videos on the subject have hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube and across social media.

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The Front Squat

The Front Squat challenges your thoracic spine, it involves more of the quadriceps and also:
– Is great to help transfer for Olympic lifting
– Can assist with mobility

Back Squats

The Back Squat puts more emphasis on the glutes as well as hamstrings, as well as:
– Putting less strain on the thoracic spine and more on the lumber
– Can be loaded

Which is better?

Personally I believe that each has its place, all depends on the athlete/individual. Some may want to load the posterior chain more, therefore they’ll incorporate back squats.
Some may just want to challenge the athletes/individual’s thoracic and will incorporate the front squat. Why not do both? Each has its place, and each, if progressed and periodised properly can lead to great benefits.

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