Group Exercise at 6P Gym in Al Quoz

3 Reasons to Try Training in Small Groups?

Motivation comes in Groups

Sometimes the most challenging thing about getting FIT is getting motivated and staying motivated. Research shows that the majority of people who commit to getting fit as a new years resolution drop out of regular training within 24 weeks!. Getting up every day to work out can be difficult, but the great thing about training in a group is the impact having other people to train with has on motivation. It is the same behavioral dynamic that arises in long-distance running, where the lead runner will set the pace for a group of runners. We have seen a distinct correlation between training in groups and the results that are seen by our clients.

Group Training makes you Accountable

Accountability is often a side-effect of training in groups, having other members in your workout group training in the same conditions will help to establish a sense of accountability. This feeling will push the participants to stay committed to the training and maintain a healthy lifestyle on a day to day basis.

Group Exercises develops Comradarie

Joining a group exercise class brings you into a world where everyone is on the same mission as you are, to develop and improve fitness. This shared purpose generates a big sense of camaraderie, a friendly group that works with you as part of a TEAM to all achieve the same individual goal, to get FITTER. Rituals often develop, friendships are made and a community develops, range of group exercise classes often feature fitness benchmarking analysis, which helps to provide tailored information and motivation to each person in the group.

Group Exercise Classes at 6P

Business Body Workout

Business Body Workout is a group exercise class for women designed for women who are already in reasonable condition however want to make some big improvements and take their bodies to the next level!

No Mercy 30

As it says on the tin, a super intense express workout, designed by personal trainer Cav Finch to ensure you burn as many calories as possible and get high on endorphins!

Technogym Train like an Athlete

The TechnoGym inspired class run by JP, a Personal Trainer focused on sport and conditioning, this class is sure to bring out a new level of athleticism in you!


Louisa is an expert in mat Pilates, our resident superstar personal trainer focused on injury rehabilitation, she will help you improve your posture and strengthen your core in a pleasant environment in a nice relaxed manner.

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